“My stolen Revolution” on SVT in January

mystolenrevolutionDocumentary Feature.
Nicklas was DoP on the full-lenghts documentary “My Stolen Revolution”

After recent protests in Iran awaken Filmmaker Nahid Persson Sarvestani’s memories to a time when as a young activist she fled after the 1979 revolution, she begins a quest to find her surviving friends. Haunted by the guilt of abandoning her imprisoned friends and her brother, Rostam, who was later executed, she finally finds them and learns about their horrific torture and about Rostam’s final days.

SVT2 Söndag 5 jan 2014 kl 22.10
SVT2 Måndag 6 jan 2014 kl 12.55
SVT2 Tisdag 7 jan 2014 kl 23.55

Nettbuss Bus4You Sverige – “I Love Campaign”


Commercial spot.
Nettbuss Bus4You Sverige – “I Love Campaign” is a series of spots for Bus company Nettbus and it´s High class brand Bus4You. First off is this 20 sec spot running on Swedish channels, watch here >>.

Director Erik Turestedt
DoP Nicklas Karpaty, fsf
Gaffer Luisa Fanciuslacci
VFX Ricardo Scagliarini /Luminante

Volvo Cars spot

Skärmavbild 2013-12-05 kl. 13.08.19Autonomous drive. Future systems of self driving cars. By Volvo.
Watch the film here >> Vingaland Film AB, Gothenburg
Director Anders Haraldsson
DoP Nicklas Karpaty, fsf
Gaffer Bengt Grewin
Grip Peter Eile /Gothenburg Film studios

New IKEA spots


Recently shot IKEA spots now available on YouTube.

Prod. co Vingland Film AB
Client ICom
Directors Carl-Johan Wolmesjö/Jan Forsberg
DoP Nicklas Karpaty, fsf
Editor Carl-Johan Wolmesjö
Gaffer Johan Alvebris

“Molanders” trailer now in Showreel

150013_217239971746484_1571826636_nWatch a short trailer of the acclaimed Dramaseries “Molanders” here on Nicklas Showreelpage.

Showrunner Ulf Kvensler
Producer Daniel Lägersten/SVTDrama
Director Leif Lindblom
Series DoP Nicklas Karpaty, fsf
Art director Mike Higgins

Reach 4 Change films now in Showreel

_MG_3567“Reach for Change” is a non-profit organisation founded by the Kinnevik Group to improve the lives of children and youth. Together with Vingaland Film, Nicklas was part of filming several films for the organization and some are now ready to watch here on Nicklas´Showreel >> Vingaland Film AB, Gothenburg
Director Jan Forsberg
DoP Nicklas Karpaty, fsf
Editor Carl-Johan Wolmesjö

New IKEA catalogue includes films shot by Nicklas

Skärmavbild 2013-08-20 kl. 12.58.56The all-new 2014 IKEA Catalogue includes several films that Nicklas shot with prod. co VINGALAND FILM.
Here is one, introducing a bathroom series for large families >>
There will be more links to other IKEA Catalogue films coming up.

Client IKEA/MacCann
Prod. co Vingaland Film AB
Director Jan Forsberg
DoP Nicklas Karpaty, fsf
Gaffer Johan Alvebris, Grip Torgny Johnsson

Reach for Change project

Skärmavbild 2013-08-20 kl. 19.15.37“Reach for Change” is a non-profit organisation founded by the Kinnevik Group to improve the lives of children and youth. Together with Vingaland Film, Nicklas was part of filming several films for the organization and some are now ready:
1. Brenda-Deborah Shuma – Gabriellas Center, Tanzania >>
2. Keysire Jaques-Dreamteam Football, Rwanda >>

Also, visit Reach for Change Tanzania and at Reach for Change Rwanda


Rerun of “The Queen and I” on Swedish Television

images-1The acclaimed full-length Documentary about former Iranian Queen, Farah Diba was screened again on SVT and is currently available on SVTPlay for a limited time.

Nicklas was the DoP on the film that was directed by Nahid Persson Sarvestani.

New Festival dates for “The Man behind the Throne”

6562_348489221934277_1244833458_nThe film is beeing screened on the GAZE international film festival in Dublin 1-4 aug.

More news via the Facebook page for The man behind the Throne >>


UK filming

1519_10151727625058816_1799082424_nWith director Linnea Widén, the last peaces of a 2-year long doc shoot ends in London. The film will now start its editing phase and we will update you with info during it´s postproduction. Azusa Street Productions
Production Full-length Documentary
Director Linnéa Widen
DoP Nicklas Karpaty, fsf

Photo: N Karpaty (c)

In Competition in L.A

Skärmavbild 2013-01-30 kl. 12.10.07

L.A Film Fest >>

Thirty years after narrowly escaping Iran and impending imprisonment during The 1979 revolution, filmmaker and activist Nahid Persson Sarvestani sets out to find the friends she left behind. Through the harrowing stories of the women who were not as fortunate as she, Persson is led to her own redemption.

Written, Directed  & Produced By: Nahid Persson Sarvestani
DoP: Nicklas Karpaty, fsf
Featuring: Nahid Persson Sarvestani, Parvaneh Aref, Nazli Partovi, Monireh Baradaran, Azar Aal-Kanaan

Best Documentary Award…

6562_348489221934277_1244833458_n…was awarded to “The man behind the Throne” at the annual Dance Camera West Film Festival in L.A. Director Kersti Grunditz and Choreographer Vincent Paterson attended the Festival that was held in L.A this month. The film received the “Best Documentary” award at the festival.>>>

director: Kersti Grunditz  | DoP: Nicklas Karpaty, fsf  | editor: Jesper Osmund/Kersti Grunditz  | producer: Anita Oxburgh & Lizette Jonjic/ Migma Film  | composer: Cecilia Q.Öhrwall | sound: Lars Jameson  | cast: Vincent Paterson, Joe Kim Blank, Bonnie Story, Suzi Lonergan, Carl Dias, Dorothy Caruso. Joe Pytka and more  | Archival footage of: Michael Jackson, Madonna, Lars von Trier, Björk  |


“Molanders season 1″ on SVTPlay

150013_217239971746484_1571826636_nThe full season of critically acclaimed SVT Drama series “Molanders” will run for a limited time on SVTPlay.
Nicklas was the series DoP and shot episodes #1-5 and #9.

Prod. co SVT Drama /Daniel Lägersten
Creator Ulf Kvensler
Director Leif Lindblom (also Ulf Kvensler and Emiliano Goessens)
DoP Nicklas Karpaty, fsf
AD Mike Higgins
Gaffer Johan Alvebris

Films for Change

_MG_4492Nicklas spent 2 weeks in East Africa making several different films for Charity organization “Reach for Change” and their work with Change leader projects.
Also, the team shot a commercial spot for Telecom co TIGO. Vingaland Film
Director Jan Forsberg
DoP Nicklas Karpaty